Rental Prices and Late Fees:

  • 2 items free for a week and anything over 2 items is 2.99 each for that week.
  • Rentals are due back after 7 days by 11pm. Any unreturned rentals will accrue a late fee of $2.00 per day, per title. Late fees are due upon return of the rental. Unpaid late fees will be charged to the credit card on file.
  • Videos not returned within 21 days will be sold to the member at full retail price plus a 20% restocking fee. Keep in mind many of our titles are out of print and range in cost from $10.00-$200.00+.
  • Videos returned irreparably damaged or broken will be replaced at the cost of the member at full retail price, so make sure to handle all discs with the utmost care. You must agree to hold all discs from the edges and center hole, never place discs on any surface other than the case or the player, to keep them away from any heat source.

Member Agreement:

  • All video rentals are for home viewing only, and all members agree to abide by existing copyright laws in regards to the burning, ripping, duplication, and public display of copyright protected properties and hold Video Vortex blameless in the event of unlawful activity.
  • Members agree to authorize credit card payment of all unpaid late fees, purchases, and replacement of broken, damaged or unreturned rentals. Members also assume responsibility for any loss, damage, and late fees accrued on the part of the authorized renters listed on the member’s account. In the event of denied charges, Video Vortex retains the right to pursue collections through a collection agency for any unpaid fees left on the account for more than one month.
  • Members must promptly update our records with any change of address, phone number, or credit card.